Courses taught

  • Coordinator for Net Commnications 2014 (co-coordinated with Robert Fordyce) / 2013 (co-coordinate with Dr. Robert Hassan) / 2012 Tutor. The subject teaches diverse approaches to content creation online and its social implications. Students learn to create content with new media and critique their production from various conceptual approaches to media.


(Tomás Saraceno)

  • Seminar Leader for School of Political and Social Sciences postgraduate Research Seminar.


  • Head Tutor for Critical Analytical Skills 2014 (Dr. Irma Moo-Reci), 2013 (Dr. Aaron Martin). Directed active learning of qualitative social science methods and methodologies. The subject engaged research from a mainly positivist theoretical perspective, highlighting the virtu(es) of falsification and descriptive inference (see KKV).